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Dubai is the city and capital of the United Arab Emirates one of the most affluent of the seven emirates that comprise the organization of the UAE which was made in 1971 after freedom from Great Britain. There are a few speculations about the source of the name Dubai. Dubai may be a city of high rises, ports, and seashores, where huge business happens accessible sun-chasing the travel industry. Due to its enormous exile populace, it seems like a Middle Eastern blend, and the environment is by and large open-minded. Strict affiliations are not an unmistakable part of city life. Islam is the lion's share religion; however, chapels and Hindu sanctuaries coincide with Dubai's mosques.

Dubai may be a relatively crime-free place where administrative efficiency and openness to business have encouraged astounding growth. However, criticism of Dubai’s authoritarian government and ruling elite is not tolerated, and there persists an environment of discreet corruption. The western area of Dubai benefits from small stretches of sandy beaches, which have helped to catalyze the city’s tourism industry. Dubai’s rulers have sought to extend the city’s limited seafronts, and, within the absence of natural offshore islands, developers were encouraged to construct giant man-made islands off the coast of the town. the foremost famous of those is Palm Jumeirah, which has the form of a palm. Others include the “World” islands, a cluster of small islands positioned to resemble a world map when viewed from above.

Like much of the Persian Gulf coastline, Dubai features a year-round hot climate. Humidity is high within the summer months and moderates the remainder of the year. The coldest winter month is typically January, with lows of about 15 °C (49 °F), while the most well-liked summer month is July, with highs of quite 40 °C (104 °F).
The local population is predominately Muslim, and most of the expatriate population is additionally Muslim, although there is significant Christian, Hindu, and Sikh communities. Given the tolerance of the ruling family toward non-Muslims and therefore the cities specialize in business, the varied communities coexist harmoniously, although there are occasions when foreign residents have broken decency codes or drug-use prohibitions.

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